The benefits of Martial Arts are endless; the martial arts are a vehicle for physical, mental, personal, and emotional development.


One of the benefits of learning Martial Arts is the fact that it is progressive. Students experience a marked and measured improvement as each month passes. A staged syllabus can be highly rewarding. There are eight sashes to the black sash: White, Blue, Orange, Green, Yellow, Purple, Brown, Black. The Gradings last from 1 to 5 hours. A student could strive to become a black sash within 6-7 years. KB Kung Fu and UMAI endeavour to keep standards very high. Experience the unprecedented high for yourself.


The training improves self esteem, confidence and self-discipline. It stimulates the mind and develops inner strength; an excellent way to release (by shouting, punching and kicking out) stress.



The training improves endurance, strength, muscle tone, coordination, balance and flexibility - consistently challenging the body.

Originally, the martial arts were created in order to preserve life through self defence. Nowadays, people come from a variety of backgrounds, all with their own reasons for wanting to train. Some want to learn how to defend themselves, some wish to improve fitness, some enjoy the competitive aspect of the tournaments, whilst others just want to have fun.

Not only does Kung Fu provide all of the above but KB Kung Fu also has a great sociable feel for those interested in making new friends. All the venues are conveniently located, within walking distance of friendly bars.

Many friendships and several relationships have been formed through training and sweating together. The social aspect is highly recommended as it encourages attendance and commitment.



Once students have developed competent skills, tournaments can be entered. Competing can be exceptionally rewarding and satisfying; it is such a challenging experience. There are two styles of tournaments in existence which KB Kung Fu students can enter - 'points' and 'continuous'. Though full contact tournaments exist, semi-contact is much preferred as the safest and most enjoyable. KB Kung Fu's lessons are not full contact.

KB Kung Fu students are encouraged to compete. Just entering a competition is an achievement in itself; it is a new-found experience, something to learn from and cherish. Even if a trophy is not taken home, overcoming the fear and anxiety to take part leaves an overwhelming feeling of self worth and achievement. Winning is all of the aforementioned - yet the intensity and delight is multiplied by 1,000,000.

Watch Chief Instructor, Kelly Bunyan, in action here:



Competition is totally voluntary until students wish to progress through the higher sashes. For those not interested in competing, the first few grades are an alternative means of measuring a student's performance. Here are some comments from KB Squad Members:

"The introduction of the KB Champions League is excellent. Providing us with healthy competition helps us to focus and push to excel. I NEVER thought I would want to compete...but I'm a true addict now. WHAT a buzz!" Helen Simmons

"Thanks again for the support yesterday, it was a real buzz getting my first trophy. As always, I love being part of the squad - we're a proper team and we bring a certain class to the tournament; respectful, professional and our clean technique shines." Daniel Sanderman

"Thanks for yesterday, was really cool to go and watch everyone both our guys and other schools in all disciplines. The whole experience was amazing. I was also so proud to be part of your school which seemed to be the most supportive, controlled and well mannered there!" Sarah Attle

"Had to write after today's brilliant competition. Had a lot of fun, but more than anything walked away feeling so proud to be a member of your school - it was really nice to know that I belonged to a school which has respect at its heart and such a great ethos, and to feel part of such a great team. It was fantastic to be able to cheer everyone on, and to be part of the whole experience. I also really appreciated your calming advice both before and at the competition. Its made me determined to train even harder. Can't say enough how much we all value you! Thanks!" John Masters